About Us

EXIT PAYDAY LOANS is the only marketing firm in the country that partners you with payday loan relief programs in your state.


WE SPECIALIZE IN CONSOLIDATING & SETTLING PAYDAY LOANS. Many companies try to help clients with all of their debt rather than becoming the best in their industry. Our firm solely specializes and focuses on you with a debt relief consultant in your state to consolidate and settle your payday loans. It is important to align yourself with a good team to protect you against payday loans that can have interest rates as high as 800-900% interest. Your loans will be consolidated into (1) low monthly payment. Each one of your loans will then be settled, many times reducing all interest, penalties, and fees. Our goal is to assist our customers to break free of their payday debt in the shortest amount of time. You will normally complete the program in 3-6 short months. We understand that this is a very confusing and frustrating time. Our firm will hold your hand throughout the entire process. You can finally rest your head at night knowing everything is being taken care of by the leaders in the industry.

About us